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Monday, March 03, 2008


Anne and Webster singing So Deep is the Night in the film, Demobbed (1944)


I have included duet recordings of Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, and the few solo recordings made by Anne Ziegler.

Anne and Webster in Gangway at the London Palladium, 1941.


Ah, leave me not to pine, G&S (from Lord Oom Piet, film soundtrack – interrupted)
Ah, sweet mystery of life, Naughty Marietta, Herbert, Walter Goehr?/Jock Prentice?, 7-8 May 1940, OEA 8607, B9051*
Barcarolle, Tales of Hoffman, Offenbach, Debroy Somers, 9 March 1944
Bitter Sweet selection Concert in Johannesburg City Hall 1966 conducted by Edgar Cree, with AZ & LWB
Blue Smoke (NZ Maori song)
Dearest of All, Vernon Latham Sharp, Eric Robinson, 1949
Deep in my heart dear, The Student Prince, Romberg, Clifford Greenwood, 8 May 1940, OEA8600, B9060
Deep in the heart of a rose, Horatio Nicholls
Dream Duet, Helen, Offenbach, B9580, April 1947
Drink to me only, trad, acc Anna Bender, Drawing Room SABC, 1962
The flower song, Lilac Time, Schubert/Clutsam, Warwick Braithwaite, 10 June 1941
Fold your wings, Glamorous Night, Novello May 1940 OEA 9534, B9060
The Fruits of the Earth, Purdell, Geraldo, 1949
The gates of paradise King’s Rhapsody Novello, Mark Lubbock, 1950
George Gershwin Porgy and Bess selection, Carroll Gibbons,
Columbia MX95-3/95-4
The Golden Song, Lilac Time, Schubert/Clutsam, Warwick Braithwaite, 10 June 1941
Gypsy Love, Lehar (Music Hall -Radio broadcast)
Hear my song, Violetta, Luckesch, George Melachrino, 1949
Here in the quiet hills, Carne, B9830
If you were the only girl in the world, The Bing Boys are here, Ayer, Clifford Greenwood, October 1939 OEA8120, B8982
I remember it well, Gigi, Lerner & Loewe, various BBC broadcasts, late 1970s.
I’ll see you again, Bitter Sweet , Clifford Greenwood, October 1939?1941?, OEA9436, B9163#
Indian love call, Rose Marie, Friml, Debroy Somers, 9 March 1944
Keys of Heaven, Broadwood, September 1941, OEA 9534, B9226
Land of Mine, Waltz Time, May, 1945
Laugh at life, Sweet Yesterday, Leslie-Smith, B9490, 1945
Lehar medley 1, Mark Lubbock, 20 December 1950
Lehar medley 2, Mark Lubbock, 18 January 1951
Liebestraum Liszt arr Besley
Life and love, Princess Charming, George Posford, B9580, April 1947
Life begins anew, Sweet Yesterday, Kenneth Leslie-Smith, July 1945
Lift up your hearts, Simpson/Morian, 1951
Love is the key The Laughing Lady (AZ&LWB)
Love me tonight, Friml, Vagabond King, Debroy Somers 5 January 1943, OEA9587
Lover, come back to me The New Moon, May 1940, OEA 8606, B9051
Love’s garden of roses, Wood, Warwick Braithwaite1941, B9177
Love’s last word is spoken, Bixio, George Melachrino, 1949
Love’s old sweet song, Molloy, Ronnie Munro?/Jock Prentice?*, 7-8 May/October 1940, OEA 8610 B9070#
Love steals your heart, The Wicked Lady, May, Jack Byfield, 4 June1946. B9480
Merry Widow Waltz (from BBC Music Hall broadcast, 1940s)
Music for Romance, Magyar Melody
My Paradise Gangway Parr-Davies, Debroy Somers, November 1941
Nocturne, Chopin, arr Besly, C3460
Now is the hour, Scott, Eric Robinson, 10 March 1948, B9642
O, lovely night, Landon Ronald
Only a rose, Vagabond King, Friml, Philip Green?Jock Prentice?*, March 1940?, 7-8 May 1940?, OEA8597, B9065#
On wings of song, Mendelssohn, arr. Doris Arnold, Eric Robinson, 22 December 1947
Our Greatest successes, (1) 1940, OEA8979, B9120
Our Greatest successes (2) , B9401
A Paradise for two, The Maid of the mountains, Tate, Clifford Greenwood, 19 October 1939, OEA8119, B8982
Second Minuet, Besley, Ronnie Munro, May/October 1940 B9070
Second Minuet, Besley, acc Anna Bender, Drawing Room, SABC 1962
So deep is the night, Chopin Gangway, Debroy Somers, November 1941, OEA9628 B9247
Someday my heart will awake King’s Rhapsody Novello, Mark Lubbock, 1950
Song of paradise, Popplewell/King, Eric Robinson 1949
Still as the night Bohm (AZ/WB)
Such lovely things, North, Mark Lubbock, 1951
Swing high, swing low Véronique Méssager, Eric Robinson, 1950
Take the sun, Rotha, B9830
Throw open wide your window, dear, Hans May, Eric Robinson, 1949
Tomorrow Debroy Somers, Vagabond King, Friml
Too tired to sleep, Murray, B9642, May 1948
Trot here and there Véronique Méssager , Eric Robinson, 1950
Wanting you The New Moon, Romberg,Clifford Greenwood, October 1939, OEA8122, B9163
We’ll gather lilacs, Perchance to dream, Novello, Jack Byfield, 4 June 1946
What is done, Lilac Domino conducted by Debroy Somers September 1941?/ 5 January 1943#
When we are married, The Belle of New York, Kerker, The Belle of New York, September 1941, OEA9533, B9326
Will you remember? May time, Romberg, Warwick Braithwaite 10 June1941, B9177
Without your love The Dubarry Millocker, conducted by Debroy Somers, October 1941, OEA8607 B9326
You will return to Vienna, Waltz Time, May, 1945
You, just you, Wild Violets, Stoltz, OEA 9587, May 1940/January 1943#

#Discrepancy in listed date
*Discrepancy in listed conductor

Anne in the 1930s.


Down in the forest, Landon Ronald, BBC Music Hall, 1940s
I'll change my heart May The Laughing Lady, May, 1946, B9518

Invitation to the Waltz, Weber, B9241
Invitation to the waltz, Weber (Live, with Charles Forwood at the piano)
Messiah Recits Handel (Knysna 1968) Private recording.
Noel Coward medley, Vol 1 AZ, Joyce Grenfell, Graham Payne, conducted by Harry Acres C3635
Pink Lady Waltz, The Caryll, Radio Music Hall broadcast, 1940s
The Poplar, Mark Lubbock, BBC broadcast 1979
Slumber song, Schumann
Song in the night, A, Loughborough
Stormy Weather, Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler, Music Hall, BBC broadcast, 1940s.
Sweet Yesterday, Sweet Yesterday, Kenneth Leslie-Smith, Adelphi Theatre, Orchestra, Herbert Lodge, 1945 B9429
Waltz song, Merrie England, Edward German, test record for HMV
Waltz song Tom Jones, Edward German, B9241

Singing in Demobbed.


SWEETHEARTS OF SONG: Anne Ziegler & Webster Booth (Late 1950s)
Only a rose, Wanting you, Deep in my heart, dear, Love steals your heart, Ah! Sweet mystery of life, We’ll gather lilacs, Hear my song Violetta, Love’s last word is spoken, Lover, come back to me, Indian Love Call, I’ll see you again late fifties, Sleeve notes:: Leslie Green HMV JCLP 10012 EMI (South Africa)

NET MAAR ‘N ROOS, Anne Ziegler en Webster Booth sing hulle wereldberoemde duos, with Jack Dent (piano) and John Massey (organ).
Afrikaans LP.Johannesburg, 1960

Net maar 'n roos (Only a rose), Laat on nie van liefde meer praat (Love's last word is spoken, cherie), Al die Soet Geheime (Ah, sweet mystery of life), Diep in my hart (Deep in my heart), So donker die nag (So deep as the night), Sal jy onthou? (Will you remember?) Wunderbar, Dit is verby (One day when we were young), Liefling kom terug na my (Lover, come back to me), Die Heildronk van jou oe (Drink to me only with thine eyes), Ons sal weer blomme pluk (We'll gather lilacs), As die lente kom (I'll see you again)
RCA 31,378

SIDE 1 1 Songs we like to sing, Nursery school sing along, I went to visit my friend one day, We are busy washing linen, 2 This is the song of the pirate ship, Let’s play cowboys, When we play at Indians, 3 Down at the station, The tugboat, If you ever see a whale, The wheels of the bus, 4 Aeroplane song, There are horses in the meadow, Tall buildings in town, The Miner, SIDE 2 1 Zoom, zoom, Yodel-Elli-oh, Frere Jacques, 2 On the bridge of Avignon, Chinese music, In China people plant rice, 3 Bread is a lovely thing to eat, Will you be a sailor man? If I could have a windmill, 4 Dutch wooden shoes, I had a little engine, Our percussion Band
Nursery School sing along. Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, assisted by Michael Murray, Peter Robinson and the Nazareth House Children’s Chorus, conducted by Sylvia Sullivan. At the piano: Heinz Alexander. Presentation arranged by Gwen Murray, 1963 Gallo EKL20

The flower, The Golden song (Lilac Time, Schubert), Love me tonight, Tomorrow (The Vagabond King-Friml) What is done you can never undo (Lilac Domino-Cuvillier), Without your love (Dubarry-Millocker) Dearest love (Operette-Coward) Liebestraum (Dream of Love- Liszt, arr Besley), Nocturne, (Chopin, arr Besley), Music for romance (Magyar Melody-Sherwin), Lehar Medley, Life and love (Princess Charming-Sirmay), Dream Duet (La Belle Helene-Offenbach), Throw open wide your window, dear, (May) produced, compiled and transferred by Chris Ellis, Cover notes: Ralph Harvey, Encore, EMI records, 1980, ONCM 530 OC(054-07-228)

If you were the only girl in the world, A paradise for two, Wanting you, I’ll see you again, Lover, come back to me, Ah! Sweet Mystery of life, Fold your wings, Deep in my heart, dear, Only a rose, You, just you, Love’s old sweet song, Will you remember, When we are married, So deep is the night, Barcarolle, Indian Love Call, Love steals your heart, We’ll gather lilacs, Hear my song, Violetta, produced, compiled and transferred by Chris Ellis, Sleeve notes: Peter Gammond 1979 Encore, EMI records 1979 ONCM519 OC-054-06 936M

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