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Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have made a summary of the two events I have held on Facebook. I am posting it here  for those who wish to read it and are not members of Facebook. As I have said elsewhere, because of the poor response to these events, I will not be holding any more, but I am very grateful to those who did respond and made heartfelt comments. If anyone reading this would like to pay their own tribute to Anne and Webster, please do so in the comment section below.


I hope that everyone who remembers Anne Ziegler will post a tribute to her here on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of her birth, the 22nd June 1910.

LATER! I have come to the conclusion that most of Anne & Webster's fans and friends are no longer alive as there was little response to this event on Facebook or the Yahoo Group. I am grateful to those who did take part, particularly Dudley, Catherine and Ronald. I'll hold the next event in a hundred years!

A copy of a charming painting of Anne's great-greatgrandmother, Mary Fish (born in 1796) from Catherine Connor (Anne's 1st cousin once removed) to commemorate the 100th anniversary.

Dudley E.B. Holmes
We shared 43 years of friendship, and doors were opened for me to Music and Theatre. Her wonderful laugh and sense of humour are an enduring memory.
A life well lived!!
Anne Ziegler and me, in their garden in Knysna while I was there to do a concert. If I remember correctly it was 1969. Of course, I was VERY YOUNG then!

Jean Campbell Collen
Sad to see that only 6 people are taking part in the centenary of the birth of Anne Ziegler. Fame is certainly fleeting.
Jean Campbell Collen
‎22 June 2010 is the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Anne
Ziegler. On that day I hope to upload my hundredth Anne Ziegler-Webster
Booth recording to YouTube. Have you any suggestions for this recording? Look
at the following link to see which recordings have been uploaded
already. The most requested recording will be uploaded on that day. The recording chosen was "Wanting You" : ZIEGLER-BOOTH - WANTING YOU (THE NEW MOON)
Jean Campbell Collen Anne was born Irené Frances Eastwood in Liverpool on 22 June 1910. Her sister, Phyllis, and brother, Cyril, were many years older than her, so Irene was almost an only child. At the time of her birth her father was in Houston, Texas, buying cotton, so he did not see her until she was three months old.

Her father did not want her to risk the might of the Zeppelins, so she had a Scottish nursery governess to teach her reading, writing and basic arithmetic. Later she attended Belvedere School. Her sister, Phyll, had done well there, but Anne was only interested in music and dancing, so the staff compared her unfavourably to her studious elder sister.

When Anne left school, she continued the piano up to Grade VIII of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and began to study singing with the eminent teacher, John Tobin.

Grham Plimbley I only managed to see Anne and Webster once, and that was enough to make me a lifetime fan. We will never again see their like, and should do all we can to preserve their
memory. A very happy birthday Anne .

Ronald Walter Kane I am definitely on the list. You do not get to their status in the profession without hard work,but mainly God given natural talent. Happy memories seeing them at the London Palladiium and other Theatres .Keep the thoughts going Jean

Anniversary of birth of Webster Booth, born 21 January 1902.
Pay your tribute to Webster Booth on the 109th anniversary of his birth, or simply look at the page to see what others have written.

Michelle Dudson
Thank you Jean for your devotion to keep the memories alive xx
John Rogers
My mother and grandmother were great fans of Anne & Webster and we often listened together to their records on the wireless. Thanks for reviving the memories.
Colleen Vermeulen
Well, we grew up with the music of Webster Booth and really feel he gave us a lot of joy.
Jean Campbell Collen
Thanks to everyone who took part in today's event. I appreciate the beautiful and heartfelt comments made on the site in tribute to one of Britain's finest tenors on the anniversary of his birth.
Ronald Walter Kane
Jean.Having had the pleasure of seeing them in London in the forties, both at the London Palladium,and separately in musicals. As an Epitaph for our much missed Artistes, may I use the the words of the entertainer Bruce Forsyth "Didnt They Do Well " Much missed RIP Thank you Jean
Charles Jenkins
I am remembering Webster Booth today with great fondness. He and Anne Zigler are very much a part of my 'informative years'. I shall be spending this evening with a few friends and will be playing them some of their recordings. During our celebration, we shall raise our glasses in a toast of thanks to them both for the glorious music that we mercifully have to remind us of them. Many thanks Jean for organizing this event and for the opportunity to share our thoughts, thanks and pleasure with others also appreciative of them both. Charles.
Jean Campbell Collen Thank you, Charles for your lovely comment. I am so glad that some people have looked at the event and made comments. I am happy that Webster is remembered on the anniversary of his birth. Not only was he a great singer, but a very special person.
Emma Dean
Just thought I'd pop in to say I was here. Great job Jean!
Peter Wallace
This is a fine way of remembering a wonderful singer and star whose recordings will always be a testament to his great talent. Although he has been out of the spotlight for decades, his memory lives on.
Elias Lien
I will spend the day listening to many of the wonderful songs and arias Jean has made available to the world of the great artistry of Webster Booth. I first heard him on the Dutton Handel cd and was blown away by the man! The freshness of voice -- the freedom with which he sang has yet to be equalled by anyone I have heard. What a fine musician! I envy the opportunities you had, Jean, to know the man personally! Thank you again for sharing the gift of Booth to so many!
Jean Campbell Collen Thank you for your beautiful tribute to Webster Booth, Elias. Even though few people responded to this event, it was worthwhile creating it to read your comment here.
Yuko Iiyama
Dear Jean,
Your contribution to this event has been highly appreciated among the attendance. Through this event, I have learnt that you are an excellent writer and organizer. How come this will be the last event? Could you keep doing this kind of event?
Jean Campbell Collen Hello Yuko, Thank you for your message. This event celebrates the life of famous tenor, Webster Booth, my singing teacher and friend. I was lucky enough to be his studio accompanist when I was still in my teens. It is the last event as very few people have responded to it.
Charles Jenkins
Many thanks Jean for organizing 'the event' - it is much appreciated by those that admired AZ & WB and by those wishing to remember WB on his birthday. And thank you for producing this site. I think that the addition of the pieces on the theatres where the couple appeared is a great addition to the site. I am only too pleased to help in any way that I can. I hope that your subscribers find the pieces interesting too. Charles.
John Marwood
I've put a note on my Facebook page to mark the day - and hope at least one of my friends might listen to the songs.
I wonder what my Thai students will make of 'The Lost Chord' and/or 'We'll gather Lilacs'!
I've downloaded some songs [from Jean's Skydrive] to listen to during the day. I will, of course, listen to my favourite, 'The Lost Chord'; and also one of my favourite duets, 'Deep In My Heart, Dear' (From 'The Student Prince').
A big 'thank you' to Jean for all the rare recordings - and for keeping so many good songs, recordings and memories alive.
Jean Campbell Collen The rare recordings mentioned are available to all members of the Webster Booth-Anne Ziegler Yahoo Group. You can find out more about this group at: /BOOTH ZIEGLER YAHOO GROUP
Jean Campbell Collen
There is a possibility that "Wonderful Moment" in the NBC broadcast featured below comes from "The Puritan Lullaby" by James Dyrenforth and Kenneth Leslie Smith. Webster sang in a broadcast of this operetta in 1934. "Always" was the favourite song from this work.
Just in time for the WB event on Friday, someone on You Tube posted this rare broadcast from 1935. Thanks to Elias Lien for pointing it out to the WB-AZ Yahoo Group. I'd like to know more about "Wonderful Moment". It's the first time I've heard this song.
Anne Cook
I shall be away from home on the day, and won't have access to a computer, but I would certainly like to pay my tribute in advance to a very fine singer.
Pearl Harris
Hi Jean, I am attending -- albeit very briefly --and hope to find time one day to listen to your wonderful collection of recordings - and to read more.
Ronald Walter Kane
Thanks for keeping the memory of Webster & Anne alive. I had the pleasure of seeing them many times together and individually in London Theatres going back to the 40s.As long as we have a means of listening to them they will not be forgotten.
Charles Jenkins
Thank you for the invitation to celebrate the birth of Webster Booth. I hope to attend.
Carol Lewis Thank you for the invitation, which I accept x
17 January at 00:43 •
Anne and Webster at their home in Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno (circa 1980)

Jeannie C 23 January 2011

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