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Monday, February 19, 2018

WEBSTER BOOTH AND ANNE ZIEGLER: Broadcasts Volume 1 (1927 - 1939)

 BBC broadcasts by Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler dating from 1927 to 1939. The information (including names of music contained in many broadcasts) comes from online editions of The Radio Times.

The Genome project of the BBC has uploaded complete magazines from the 1920s and 1930s on to the internet and I have extracted all the entries featuring Webster and Anne's broadcasts.When decades of the forties and fifties are eventually online I shall publish a second volume in due course.

Charles Ernesco

 What I find particularly interesting is the fact that many of these broadcasts include a list of the music performed. Webster Booth made regular broadcasts with Fred Hartley and his Quintet, and with Charles Ernesco and his Quintet. He made a number of recordings with Fred Hartley but did many more broadcasts with Charles Ernesco on the BBC and on the continental stations such as Radio Normandie and Radio Luxembourg.

Pianist Fred Hartley.
Fred Hartley and his novelty quintet with Webster Booth - 1 July 1935

Charles Ernesco and his quintet with Webster Booth.

Webster began broadcasting in 1927 but it was not until 1934 when Anne made her first broadcast from Liverpool, known then by her birth name of Irené Frances Eastwood.
Anne (as Irené Frances Eastwood) in The Wandering Scholar in Liverpool 

Irené Frances Eastwood makes her first broadcast from Liverpool. Nancy Evans also took part in this broadcast. She and Anne were studying with John Tobin at the time. They remained close friends all their lives.

Nancy Evans and second husband, Eric Crozier. Her first husband was Walter Legge who later married Elisabeth Schwarzkopf.

Once Anne moved to London and met Webster during the filming of The Faust Fantasy in December 1934, he introduced her to the powers-that- be at the BBC. Below is a still from the film in which Webster played Faust and Anne played Marguerite.

 Soon she was making many broadcasts, often taking the starring role in musical comedies and operettas.  Anne and Webster did not do regular broadcasts together until 1938 when Webster's second wife, Paddy Prior sued him for divorce, citing Anne as the co-respondent. The divorce was finalised in October 1938 and Anne and Webster were married the following month.

The book is available as a PDF file or an EPub at the following link: Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler: Radio Broadcasts Volume 1

 Jean Collen, 15 February 2018.